Providing water facility for Dhamma Schools.

Mainly, the temples in the villages do not have water facilities while some temples are using Tube Wells. However, a proper water supply is needed for the students who attend Dhamma Schools for their drinking and sanitary facilities.

Under the project of the development of Dhamma Schools, providing them with a tube well for obtaining water, building a tank to store and laying a pipe system are essential.

There is an approximate cost of Rs. 150,000 to fix a tube well although this may be varying depending on the situation of different locations. Another Rs. 200,000 is spent to fix a tank for 5000 liters. Approximately Rs. 350,000 is needed to lay the pipe systems although this cost too can change according to the situation.

Providing drinking water is a huge merit that brings good results throughout the samsara. This is a humble request from the donors to support this project.