Rajakeeya Pandita Tripitakacharya Ven Hakmana Sumanasiri thera, the Advisor to the Dharmavijaya Foundation

Hakmana Sumanasiri theraRajakeeya Pandita Tripitakacharya Saddhammakeerthi Sri Vidyatilake, Thripiraka Shastra Visharadha Sri Dharmarakshithavanshalankara Ven Hakmana Sumanasiri thera, since the years 2004 facilitates the Dharmavijaya Foundation as the Advisor. He is a senior student of the Most Venerable Aggamaha Pandita Madihe Pannasiha Maha Nayake thera of the Dharmarakshirharama sector of the Amarapura Nikaya the Founder of the Dharmavijaya Foundation and was its original advisor as well as of the Ven. Ampitiye Sri Rahula Nayake thera of Siri Vajiragnana Dharmayathanaya.
Presently functioning as the incumbent Bhikkhu of the Siri Vajiragnana Dharmayathanaya in Maharagama originally established by the Most Ven Maha Nayaka thera, he is also the principal of the Dharmma school there, since 1997 in which over 7000 girls and boys receive dhamma education. Although he leads a busy life managing many a project launched through the Dharmayathanaya, he shows the benefit of the high precepts followed as a higher ordained bhikkhu giving him complaisance of conduct. Therefore it is personal to see him chairing the Dharmavijaya Foundation gathering of the trustees every Thursday, giving a lead with the words of the Buddha.
In the midst of busy schedules he ensures to keep a report with the many branches of the Sri Vajiragnana Dharmayatanaya. He also participates in Buddhist missionary activities in Asia as well as in America and Australia, and finds time to write Dhamma books, and articles on relevant issues. At times he even participates in the field activities of the Dharmavijaya Foundation.
His entire day is spent on the model set the Buddha in the service to the Sasana.