Mr. G.D. Cyril Gunapala, the President of the Dharmavijaya Foundation

I consider the decision taken by the Board of Trustees to re-elect me as the President of the Dharmavijaya Foundation which was established to realize the visionary concept of deceased Aggamaha Pandita Madihe Pangnaseeha Maha Thero is a great pleasure as well as a heavy responsibility.

Our Maha Thero, who understood well the immense sufferings of the helpless, poor rural man, turned to them for refuge focusing on the four sectors of economic, education, health and moral developments that had surrounded and weakened them. He dedicated himself and worked to raise the helpless man to equality by solving those four aspects. Dharmavijaya Foundation’s responsibility and accountability is also to advance that concept. The role associated with it is very complex, important and responsible.

He did not stop at introducing the concept of “Let’s build the country by building the man”. He created a suitable legal platform, an institution with all the facilities, 79 Trusts (currently) responsible for developing the economic strength of 470 Dharmavijaya societies based on temples scattered all over the island and indicated the path to follow with a board of trustees of 30 experienced and intelligent people representing various fields for making all decisions.

For the past 44 years, we have shouldered these responsibilities together. The 50th anniversary is almost here. If everyone on the Board of Trustees follows ‘Samavayo Eva Sadhu’ that means ‘Concord Indeed is Commended’ and recognizes the responsibility assigned to them and take the burden of fulfilling it themselves, reaping the fruits of the journey can be achieved making all of us happy. I know that everyone in the Board of Trustees and the staff are ready for that journey. Although the journey is arduous, it becomes easier when everyone is together. Honorable Patrons are ready to give advice as usual. I will devote myself to the maximum extent to provide the necessary leadership.

Teruwan Saraṇai.

G.D. Cyril Gunapala
Honorable President