Providing sanitation facilities by constructing toilets.

There is a need to provide toilet and drinking water facilities for over 20,000 students and teachers in the 468 temples where the Dhamma Schools are conducted. This facility is either not available or not adequate in many village temples. The facilities available are not in a suitable status in many places as they need to be repaired.

The above facilities available and allocated for the priests in a temple are not suitable for students and teachers as they are against our values.

Not having these basic facilities in a Dhamma Schools affect attracting students. Especially, young children and teachers are concerned on this problem.

A sketch of a toilet complex provided by Dharma Vijaya Foundation can be seen in this report. The size of this can be adjusted according to the number of students in the Dhamma School.

Contributing towards this project is not only a support for the development of Dhamma Schools but also a great merit towards providing health benefits to the needy. Dharma Vijaya Foundation is seeking your financial support to continue this worthy cause.