Be a Partner in Human Development with Dharmavijaya Foundation

If you are interested in improving the living conditions of people in Sri Lanka economically and morally, particularly those of low income but do not have the capacity or time to do that but willing to provide funds, Dharmavijaya Foundation can either play the role of an intermediary or an implementing agency onbehalf of you. There are two ways that you can donate funds:

1. Contribute funds to on-going activities

Dharmavijaya Foundation has funds donated by well-wishers that can be used for the priority areas of the Foundation namely; economic, educational, health and moral at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. Proposals to use these funds come from Board Members who identify a need or a problem of people or from the people themselves. Such proposals are discussed by the Board Members at length to determine the feasibility and cost-effectiveness before giving the approval.

2. Create a Trust Fund

A Trust Fund can be created by contributing fundsto be used for a specific purpose or purposes of your choice. A Trust Fund is operated under the laws of the Trust Fund Ordinance. Three parties; Settlor, Trustee and Beneficiary are involved with a Trust Fund you create with DVF.A written agreement will be signed between you as the Settlor and DVF as the Trustee specifying the tasks that you propose to carry out and the conditions applicable to use of funds.DVF as the Trustee is obliged to carry out tasks and projects specified by you as the Settlor for the benefit of people who are the beneficiaries. Funds will be used with the approval of the Board of Trustees. A report will be sent to the donor providing details of the activities carried out using funds.

Another way to support DVF is to hand over assets (e.g. real estate) so that DVF can generate income using those assets to be used for activities related to priority areas of DVF.

If interested, you are kindly requested to contact DVF and transfer money to any of the following accounts:

For further details please contact:
Address : Manager, Dharmavijaya Foundation, No 380/7, Sarana Road, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Srilanka.
E-Mail : /
Telephone Number : (+94) 112698870, (+94) 113119939
Whatsapp : (+94) 710761315
President : (+94) 777554051
Secretary : (+94) 716918048

Account Number 192310
Borella Super Grade Branch, Bank of Ceylon ,
No 72, Danister de Silva Mawatha ,
Colombo 08,Sri Lanka.
Bank Swift Code : BCEYLKLX

Account No. 000160000031
Borella City Branch, Sampath Bank
D.R.Wijewardana Mawatha
Colombo 10, Sri Lanka
Bank Swift Code: BSAMLKLX

Account No. 078-1-00122268540
Borella Branch, People’s Bank
Colombo 08 , Sri Lanka
Bank Swift Code: PSBKLKLXA 023