Distribution of plants to strengthen economy

This project is designed to encourage people in selected villages in agricultural areas to grow economically advantageous plants by providing them necessary technical knowledge and training facilities under the close supervision of the Foundation. As the guidance and supervision are channeled through the agricultural officers in the respective areas, this has become an effective project.

The conditions of the soil of the area, the climatic conditions and agricultural patterns have an impact on this project. Therefore, it is easy to comprehend when some of the model projects conducted by Dharma Vijaya Foundation are explained with examples.

An integral part of the Development of Penasihagama in Thabbowa can be attributed towards selecting members of the Mahindarama Dharma Vijaya Society who were willing and able to grow orange, mango and pomegranate plants that has been recommended as suitable to grow in that geography. This project was conducted under the instructions and supervision of the agriculture officers in the area. Those plants were distributed among 18 members at a concessional price of Rs. 250 per plant of Mango and Rs. 200 for Orange keeping a margin of Rs.50 per plant for the Dharma Vijaya Foundation. They commenced generating income after about 3 years.

The request from the Foundation by farmers of Namalgama in Vavuniya was to help them to grow Bitter Gourd and Thumba that demand a higher price in the market. 25 farmers who were willing and had adequate land resources to grow those plants were selected. They were offered 250 Bitter Gourd plants at the rate of Rs. 15 per plant. The respective agriculture officers supported them with guidance. All those farmers were members of Dharma Vijaya Society. Selling a kilo of Thumba around Rs. 450 in the market, they have achieved a support towards strengthening their economy.

Members of the Yashodara Dharma Vijaya Society in Sandamaleliya selected to grow traditional paddy that has a high demand in the market. They are cultivating 75 acres of paddy under the supervision of agriculture officers of the area. The Foundation was involved in renovating the tank, fixing a grinding machine and providing facilities to packet their harvest and sell them through the supermarkets. The farmers have converted the entire paddy field for the cultivation of traditional paddy.

These agricultural activities are conducted as an important part under the project of strengthening the economy of people in villages. Whatever the nature of the project, with an investment of Rs. 500,000, a meaningful project can be launched in selected villages to strengthen them economically.

Although there are many requests reaching the Dharma Vijaya Foundation from their Dharma Vijaya societies, only a limited number of projects are undertaken due to the limitations in funding. More contribution from donors can enhance the effect of this needy project.