Library Development Project for Dhamma Schools.

Library development project is for Dhamma schools in temples where Dharmavijaya Samaj has been established. Let’s provide a book to read and create a complete man to the society.

Many of today’s students have given up the habit of reading external books. The reasons for this are complex. The commercial behavior of today’s electronic media, the lack of incentives in schools to provide a variety of knowledge, not taking newspapers to the home, weaknesses in school library management, parents not being able to allocate money to buy books due to poverty, the supreme power of the tuition teacher over and above the parents and class teachers, the ability of passing the exam by just repeating the lesson notes can be cited as some of the main reasons for this situation. Not teaching literature providing real value of that to the students is also a major reason.

Due to this situation, we are implementing the library development project of the Dhamma schools connected to us as a program of our “Ethical Department”. Most of these Dhamma schools are located in low-income areas. Giving knowledge is a powerful charity. Helping for that by donating your wealth is a reason not only for yourself but also for your generation to receive great knowledge. Therefore, you can contribute with money as well as by giving gifts of used books in your home that are suitable for children to read.

Children of 468 Dhamma schools are benefited by this project. We hope to implement programs that encourage those children to read these books. Below is the support we are looking for. One Dhamma school library needs about Rs.5,000 – Rs.10,000 for books, Rs.15,000 – Rs.18,000 for a steel cupboard to store books. You can also participate in this program. Your support can be extended either or both of these items.

Dhamma schools purchase books and stationery. For that, after obtaining the prices from the respective stores and submitting them to us, the money will be sent to the respective bank account. Many Dhamma schools have requested library books and facilities, but due to lack of necessary funds, it has not been possible to fulfill those requests. In addition to this, a monthly newsletter is sent to those Dhamma schools for the moral development of children. The monthly cost is about 2500.00 rupees.

Your contribution is expected to the enlightenment of children.The description of this topic is being translated for publication on the English website, the content of which is included in the Sinhala website.