Dhamma School Student Evaluation Project.

Project for Appreciation of Outstanding Students in Dhamma School Education – Madihe Pannaseeha Mahanayake Appreciation Certificate Awarding Ceremony

Since 2007, one of the main annual programs to commemorate the founder of Dharma Vijaya Foundation, the Mahanayaka of the Amarapura sect, the Most Reverend Aggamahapanditha, Madihe Pangnaseeha Mahanayake Thero, is the appreciation of the excellent students at the District and National level based on their results of two Dhamma school examinations conducted by the Sri Lanka Examination Department. The awards are based on the official results released by the examination department.

This program was proposed to the Dharma Vijaya Foundation by the Buddhist Advisory Board of the Ministry of Education. These outstanding students will also be awarded a certificate signed by the Commissioner General of Examinations and the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, which will be accepted by any local and foreign institution. This is the only time such students are evaluated at the national level.

The excellent students appreciated

01. Sri Lanka’s first place in the Buddhist Dharmachary exam 01
02. First place in Sri Lanka in Dhamma School Final Certificate Examination 01
03. 1st places in the 19 districts of the Buddhist Dharmacharya exam 19
04. First positions in 19 districts in Dhamma School Final Certificate Examination 19
05. The three students who obtained the highest marks in the Dhamma School final certificate examination from the top 200 students in the district in the G.E.C. (O/L) examination of the same year (19X3) 57

You can also subscribe to this program. You can contribute individually or as a group with your relatives and friends. Also, you can sponsor a single prize in full or in part.

The total cost as per 2021 prices is around 6 lakh rupees including of cash and material gifts to students, breakfast and lunch, travel expenses for two per student, etc..

If the full amount is donated to a prize, we will publish that prize in your name. You may inform us how to name the prize.

We also invite those who have studied in Dhamma schools and know its value.

Your Donations can be sent by check payable to Dharma Vijaya Foundation before 30th May each year. If sending money through our bank account, please send a photocopy of the deposit receipt to our email address dharmavijaya.lk@gmail.com.

We invite you to contribute to this program of national level appreciation of those who have displayed excellence in the knowledge of Dhamma.