“Ladaru Gurusewana” Pre-School Project.

Creating a ‘Buddhist child’ through kindergarten

Another important project conducted by Dharma Vijaya Foundation with a national significance is providing support to establish and develop pre-schools through the temples where Dharma Vijaya Societies are established.
The two years that include the 3-4 years of the age of a child which is known as the pre-childhood period spent in the preschool are considered having a significant impact on developing the character of the child. Teacher of the Pre School and other teachers in the primary school are the heroines of these kids. Before the concept of kindergartens came to the country, kids up to the age of 5 were growing up amongst the grandfather, grandmother, maternal and paternal aunts. They were the teachers and guiding lights for them who molded them to the cultural values of our country. However according to the western concept, the child was growing up in an alien environment and it was not following the principals of our cultural framework. Dharma Vijaya Foundation is encouraging temple centered preschools to change this situation.
This is an effort to lay the foundation to develop a child with values and good morals under the Buddhist preschool child concept within the traditional preschool framework. The child should be taught within a Buddhist cultural environment during those two years and Dharma Vijaya Foundation has embarked on a project to train preschool teachers for this purpose.
These schools are situated in rural areas where low income people are living. The parents or other donors in those areas cannot afford to fulfill the requirements of these schools. Although Dharma Vijaya Foundation is supporting many such schools providing books and other requirements, the funds available are not sufficient to entertain all requests. Therefore, we request you to contribute for this project to make these little kids happy.

How can you contribute?

Special training programs for preschool teachers under the theme of ‘Buddhist preschool child’ are conducted calling a group of 15 teachers each and the cost of lodging, transport and food is borne by Dharma Vijaya Foundation. A two days training program is provided for each group and they are supplied with a set of teachers Guide books, children’s books and sports equipment at the end of the program. Preschools where the moral value development of our future generation begins should be considered as an area to invest for a better country. The cost of one training program is approximately Rs.75000 and with the support of donors this program can be extended further.

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