Rural development Program.

Dharma Vijaya Foundation

The Dharma Vijaya Foundataion innaugirated under the guidence of Most Venerable Aggamaha Panditha Madihe Pannaseeha Thero in 1977 was incoporated under Parliament Act No. 62 in 1979. It has been registered as an accepted charity organization under the Department of Social Services.

All the donations for this foundation are exempted from income tax. The general objective of Dharmavijaya Foundation is to promote overall development of people, both spiritually and physically, with the application of Buddhist principles to social and economic development. Overall development is meant to be fourfold: economic, educational, health and moral. The motto of the foundation is ‘Samavayo Eva Sadhu” meaning the peace is fine.

Program to Develop Poverty Stricken Villages

The objective of this program is to develop the overall situation of a selected village in a remote locality. This program is conducted based on the concept of ‘let’s develop the country by developing people’ presented by late Most Venerable Aggamaha Panditha Madihe Pannaseeha Thero.


A poverty stricken village is selected first and then a proper survey is done to collect data related to the economic and social factors of the families in the village. Then a program is designed with the support of the people focusing on the priorities in the village that need attention. The execution of the program is done accordingly and the progress is monitored in regular intervals. Most of the development activities are done with the participation of the people in the village. The members of the Dharma Vijaya Society established in the village temple take responsibilities of the respective activities. The financial management is conducted by the officials of the Dharma Vijaya society under the supervision of the chief Monk of the temple.

There are 468 Dharma Vijaya Societies established within the country under the Chief Monk of the temple with the participation of students of the Dhamma School along with the teachers and parents. Dharma Vijaya Foundation is conducting all development programs in the village through these Dharma Vijaya Societies.

An example of a developed village

Development of Penasihagama village in Thabbowa can be presented as a case for a successful effort to develop a village in a comprehensive manner. This village situated at 7th milepost on Puttalum Anuradhapura road with 63 families was taken under the Mahindarama Dharma Vijaya Society with the supervision of the Chief Monk of the temple, Ven. Walpola Mahinda thero to develop in the righteous path by strengthening their economy.

Based on the research, replacing temporary roofs of 50 houses, fixing doors and windows in 13 houses, replacing temporary walls in 17 house with brick walls, replacing mud floors with cement floors in 17 houses, providing treatments for eye patients, providing Vocational training for school leavers, providing books and dresses suitable to wear to Dhamma school for 35 students, establishing a Dhamma teaching school and appointing teachers, conducting English classes for 35 students, improving toilet facilities to 16 families, constructing a tube well at a cost of Rs. 300,000 to solve the drinking water problem, running a medical clinic for 23 patients and constructing accommodation facilities to monks and a hall for Dhamma preaching in the temple at a cost of Rs. 3.7 Million were some of the development work undertook with a cost of Rs. 6 Million.

The poverty of the people in the village was so high at the beginning and 18 families were voicing their inability to provide alms for the Monk in their temple. They were highly in debts and mortgages. One thousand orange and pomegranate plants were distributed among the villagers to improve their income in the long run. For ladies who had competency in sewing, machines and funds were provided to purchase materials. While those activities were focusing on their poverty elevation, they were supported to the righteous path through Dhamma sermons, meditation programs and the development of Dhamma School taking the temple as the center.

Development of Thanamalvila, Kotveheramankada Village

Sri Swarnagiri Dharma Vijaya Society at Lagingala, Kotveheramankada, Thanamalvila conducted a survey under the supervision of the Chief Monk at the Sri Swarnagiri Purana Maha Vihara and identified the requirements including agricultural equipment to develop the economic condition of the respective families in the village. It included water pumps, paddy clearing machines, water tubes, tents, and insecticide spraying machines, torches, canvas, axes, hoes, bicycles, lamps, shelter sheets and many more. All what they wanted, for their agriculture related economic development was provided. The total cost was Rs. 1 million.

You too can become a Partner of this worthy Program that gives immense merits.

  1. Create a Trust Fund under your name or under the name of a person you nominate. Then through that, you can regularly contribute for this village development program.
  2. By sending goods or funds for Dharma Vijaya Foundation contributing to the Village Development Program
  3. By contributing fully or partly to develop a selected village