Dhamma School Development Program.

Dharma Vijaya foundation has embarked on a program to develop Dhamma schools as it is essential to start Dhamma education from childhood in order to create a society with good moral values. Many Dharma Vijaya Societies have become inactive due to various reasons. Therefore, it is proposed to carry out this program focusing on the teachers and children in Dhamma School in the 468 Dharma Vijaya Societies under the leadership of the Chief Monk of the respective temples.

There are at least 4-5 Dhamma school teachers (468×4-5 = 1872 / 2340) and 100-200 students (468×100-200 = 46800 / 93600) in these 468 Dhamma schools. Suppose there are at least 30,000 students. It is an excellent project if this group can be taken as the foundation for the development of values

The Role of Dhamma School

  • Participating in the program by registering and providing details of children and teachers of Dhamma School.
  • Communicating the examination results of the children to the Dharmavijaya Foundation without delay.
  • Informing special programs and relevant details of Dhamma School to Dharmavijaya Foundation.
  • To nominate and inform the details of two teachers in addition to the Chief Monk of the temple for the purpose of coordination with Dharmavijaya foundation
  • Informing the needs and shortcomings for quality development.
  • Introducing and evaluating new knowledge development activities for student knowledge development in addition to the existing methods
  • Continuous commitment and maximum contribution of the chief Monk and teaching staff in the proper management and administration of Dhamma School.
  • Participating in seminars and teacher training programs organized by Dharmavijaya Foundation from time to time
  • Acting on the advices provided by Dharmavijaya Foundation from time to time.

Dharmavijaya foundation has to be specially organized to start this program and continue it successfully.

Financial strength should be developed under a separate fund of Dharmavijaya Foundation. Since only a limited portion of the trust money can be taken for this purpose, the remaining amount must be collected from outside. Approximately in the initial year, it can be assumed that an expenditure of Rs.18-20 lakhs is needed while an expenditure of around Rs. 15 lakhs in the second year and Rs. 10 lakhs each in subsequent year.

At what level can we evaluate a project like this that develops the dharma knowledge of at least 50,000 students a year that creates values-trained responsible citizens for the future? If Dharmavijaya Foundation continues to receive generous support from philanthropists, Dharmavijaya Foundation can launch this program without any fear.

Role of Dharmavijaya Foundation under this Project

  • Providing Dhamma school books, library books, library cupboards etc. encouraging students to read
  • Supplying necessary equipment for Dhamma School (benches, desks, blackboards, teacher’s chairs, teacher’s desks, mats, etc.)
  • Dhamma school children and teaching staff are registered in Dharmavijaya Foundation, given a registration number. Marks obtained in exams are computerized and progress is reviewed and monitored. Accordingly counseling can be done for Sunday schools.
  • Providing an identity card to Dhamma school teachers with the participation of Dharmavijaya foundation.
  • Presenting a certificate to the children who get through the year end examination with the participation of the respective Dhamma School and Dharmavijaya Foundation. Appreciation of children with gifted talents.
  • Publish those children with excellent skills in the newspaper of Dharmavijaya foundation and highlight them
  • Publication of reports and photographs of Dhamma school prize giving and other ceremonies in the newspaper of Dharmavijaya Foundation.
  • To further improve the system of awarding the students with gifts and certificates who achieve the 1st place in the District for Dhamma School final examination while obtaining the first, second and third places in the district for GCE Examination. Also, recognize and value the Dhamma schools that produce such children.
  • Dharmavijaya Foundation needs a software system, full-time service of a computer operator and a clerk to monitor only this Dhamma school program
  • According to their economic status and needs, those students who get selected to the fields like medicine, engineering, law etc. after having completed their education in that Dhamma school to be directed towards the Dharmawijaya foundation scholarship program
  • Directing children who cannot enter higher education but wish to enter vocational education to a vocational training program of Dharmavijaya Foundation considering their economic status and other needs.
  • Conducting Dhamma school teacher training at regional level.
  • Awarding a certificate of recognition for Dhamma School teachers considering their attendance, talent, creativity and commitment jointly by Dharmavijaya Foundation and Dhamma School.
  • Fulfillment of those requirements as a priority under the development program of providing water supply and toilet facilities to Dhamma Schools