Providing First-aid kits for Dhamma Schools.

There are 468 Dharma Vijaya Societies established across the island with the permission of Dharma Vijaya Foundation. All are centered in temples under the guidance of the respective Chief priest. Dhamma Schools are conducted in all these places.

Number of students in a Dhamma School ranges from 100 to 400/500 and the number of Teachers can change from 2 to 8/10. An active Sunday Dhamma school attracts many parents based on the student strength.

Development of physical resources of a Dhamma School prioritize providing training for Teachers, supplying desks, benches, cupboards, black boards, tables and chairs. In addition, utensils are provided to offer children herbal drinks (Kola Kenda). Permanently fixing a First Aid Box with necessary medicines to be used when needed is also an important part of this project.

Dharma Vijaya Foundation is incurring a cost of Rs. 700 to prepare a First Aid box under the proper standards along with necessary medicines. Offering a First Aid box for this purpose is considered as a great merit.

Not having adequate donors to support this project has affected the number of First Aid boxes supplied by the Foundation to Dhamma Schools. If donors are offering at least the needed cost of Rs. 700 per First Aid box, the Foundation is able to continue this noble service and the Dharma Vijaya Foundation is waiting for those who are willing to be a part of this needy project.