Project of constructing agriculture wells.

Due to dry weather patterns that prevail more than 9 months of the year in the provinces of North, East and North Central, approximately 85% of the farming community are facing severe constraints with the scarcity of water. Their farming activities conducted outside the paddy fields before the Maha season are badly affected creating a bad impact on their economic and social conditions.

Although the extent of land used for these agricultural activities are ranging from ½ acre to 3 – 4 acres, when the expected rain is not received at the appropriate time the entire family that was involved in this farming activities end up in a miserable state without being able to pay the loans taken.

Dharma Vijaya Foundation has embarked on this project to provide solutions for this burning issue of the farming community.

Combining six or more membership families of Dharma Vijaya Foundation, agriculture well is constructed under the guidance of the chief Bhikku of the Foundation in the respective area. One well is sufficient to provide water for about 8 to 12 acres of land.

The well is constructed in a public land or in a private land where water is easily accessible. Those who intend to use the agriculture well have to first sign an agreement. It includes clauses regarding the maintenance and supplying of water.  Necessary equipment to pump water from the well and tubes to supply water to the respective lands should be found by each family.

The diameter of agriculture well is 30 feet. The depth can go up to 25 feet to ensure uninterrupted supply of water. As the earth is somewhat soft in those areas, a brick or stone wall for about 3 feet need to be constructed from the bottom of the well. As this project provides a timely solution for one of the primary issues faced by the community in those areas, it provides a solution for the economic and social problems faced by many farming families.

A portion of the cost of constructing agriculture well has to be borne by the recipient families which are provided by the Dharma Vijaya Foundation as a loan. The nominal interest charged on that loan which is covered within a period of five years is credited to the fund of the Foundation to use for many other needy projects for the society.

The size and the cost of a well change based on number of factors. Farmer families need to be benefited, the extent of the lands and the status of the ground water level are some salient points. However, approximately Rs Four lakhs – five lakhs is spent for the construction of one well.

Although there are regular requests coming from Dharma Vijaya Societies in various parts of the country, only a limited number of wells are constructed due to the financial constraints. If donations are received from donors to construct a well fully or partially, this project can be extended to many families. This is a project that helps a large number of people. Dharma Vijaya Foundation is seeking the support and contribution of donors to extend this worthy project to many more needy farmers in the country.