Project of developing the consumption of Herbal Drinks (Kola Kenda).

The published statistics on the people of Sri Lanka confirms approximately 60% of them are falling below the required nutritional health level. Approximately 6 out of 10 are suffering from non-contagious deceases. Mothers are suffering from anemia. Many children below the age of 5 years are not up to the required weight. There is a tendency for the number of children suffering from malnutrition to go up. When the household income is on the decline due to pandemics and natural disasters, more and more people are added to those who need a better nutritional requirement. With the objective of supporting that requirement, especially on the students in the Dhamma School, the project of popularizing ‘Kola Kenda” is being conducted by the Dharma Vijaya Foundation during the last decade.

This project is being continued through the 468 registered Dharma Vijaya Societies in various parts of the island. Dhamma Schools are conducted in the temples where Dharma Vijaya Societies are established and a minimum of 20,000 – 25,000 students and around 2,000 teachers along with the parents are involved in this project. Improving the nutritional level of this team is considered as a prime target.

The main obstacle faced by the Dhamma School is to find utensils needed for the preparation of herbal drinks. Therefore, Dharma Vijaya Foundation has taken the responsibility of providing them with a complete set of large bowls, cups, and spoons etc. which are essential for the preparation of drinks. Parents and Teachers are preparing drinks based on an agreed roster. Required herbs are found within the village itself. Research conducted by Government Institutes has confirmed that this project has contributed in improving the nutritional level of students including improving their weight.

The cost for the utensils to prepare Kola Kenda for about 100 – 150 students is around Rs.7500. The end result of such a little investment is producing healthy generation who can contribute to the development of the society and our country at large. The merit one receives by contributing to such activity is immense. If the corporation is received from the donors who would like to get involved in this charitable activity, the Foundation is in a position to expand the project to many needier children. Dharma Vijaya Foundation is expecting support from those donors who would like to be a part of this noble project.