Program for providing Herbal Drinks (Kola Kenda) free.

This program that was launched with the aim of accustoming the society to the use of Herbal Drinks (Kola Kenda) is being conducted since 31st January 2023. This is conducted on every Tuesday from 7.45 AM targeting the people who walk in front of the office of Dharmavijaya Foundation and it has already been conducted for Nineteen (19) times. Also, on the day before the Vesak Poya day in the last month, Kola Kenda were distributed free of charge from 6.45 a.m. in front of the Bambalapitiya Siri Vajirarama Tempe and the students of Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo too were offered this as a nutritional food. This program of providing free Kola Kenda is being conducted by the Trustee Mr. Lakshman Mahanama and office staff under the Sarana Seva Program of the Foundation. Dharmavijaya Foundation hopes to continue this program for the benefit of the public.