Phase II of the Tabbowa development project

In the ten pronged Jubilee commemoration of the Dhamma school in the Siri Vajiragnana Dharmayathanaya one project of the Dharmavijaya Foundation was to donate a needy family with a completed house.
A needy family in Penasihagama in the Ranaviru Chathuranga Mawatha in Tabbowa, Puttalama was identified for the purpose. The phase one of the Panasihagama village development was completed four years ago. In that phase for 68 families houses were developed, latrines were provided sewing machines were given plant material for home gardens were distributed, a community hall was constructed, the dhamma school building was improved, paid teacher was appointed to the dhamma school, a free English language class was arranged, spectacles were given, sick people were given treatment, as well as making facilities for religious observations. In the phase 2 a house was constructed complete with facilities which was handed over at an auspicious time to the needy family, after giving alms to the Sangha on the 22 August 2021.