Distribution of dry rations to low income group members of Dharmavijaya samajayas affected with Covid

1. Foundation for Peace and Love, the branch in Sri Lanka of the German social service universal Association for Peace and Love, donated to Dharmavijaya Foundation Rs.87,000/- for the above purpose. This amount was made available to the Siri Seelananda Dharmavijaya samajaya, functioning in Sri Kalyanarama Purana Viharaya in kaluvamodarain Aluthgama in Kalutara district. Dry rations were distributed to the worth of Rs.1580.00 for each individual in 55 families.
The presiding bhikkhu Ven. Ahangama Maithrimoorthi representing the said Dharmavijaya samajaya the President of the Foundation for Peace and Love Mr. Lakshman Mahanama aid a few trustees of the Dharmavijaya Foundation participated at the occasion.
2. An association of Sri Lankans in Australia by the name Gold Coast Sri Lanka, donated 1000 Australian dollors for the above purpose from the collection made for their year end yet together.

The Board of Trustees decided to make that donation available to two localities severely affected in the Covid epidemic.
Following that decision Vidyalankara Dharmavijaya samajaya functioning in the Vidyalankara Pirivena in Kelaniya was selected and through the DVS 61 families were given dry rations worth Rs.1400/- for each individual.
The presiding bhikkhu of the Dharmavijaya Samajaya Ven. Kamburugamuve Vajira former vice chancellor of the Rajarata University and other associated bhikkhus, the Dharmavijaya samaja members and a few trustees of the Dharmavijaya Foundation participated at the occasion.
In the village of Paththaduwa adjoin the ……………. temple in Minuwangoda, 50 families identified by the dayaka sabhava of the temple were given dry rations to the worth of Rs.1500/- for each individual.
Officiating at this occasion were the incumbent bhikkhu of that temple Ven. ……………. Vijaya Maithree, Mr. H.B.Premaratne, Hon. Secretary to the Dharmavijaya Foundation and the Board of Trustees Mr. M.D.W.Ariyawansa and Mr. Cyril Gunapala.