Providing vocational education and employment.

The objective of this program is to provide vocational knowledge with a technical and professional touch to those students who are not pursuing higher education and directing them for employments. As there is a demand locally and internationally for those with the properly certified technical and professional knowledge, the end result of this projects is very high.

Well recognized and properly planned Programs for hundreds of professional fields including carpentry, mason, plumbing, electrical mechanism, IT, fashion designing, culinary etc. are being conducted by the National Apprenticeship Board, National Youth Service Council, German Technical College and National Technical Colleges. These programs are conducted within a period of 6 months to 1 – 2 years. Those who complete these programs have many occupational opportunities in the market as these programs are designed to cover both theatrical and practical aspects.

All 468 Chairpersons of the Dharma Vijaya societies have been informed to identify the youth who are interested in these programs and direct their applications to the Dharma Vijaya Foundation.

Directing those applications received by the Foundation to the respective authorities and supporting financially for transport and other expenses during the period of the course are borne by the Dharma Vijaya Foundation. The cost incurred per student is ranging between Rs.40,000 to Rs.80,000 based on the program selected and the institution where it is conducted. Once the program is over, supplying the initial equipment needed to commence the profession is also supplied by the Foundation.

The main obstacle in increasing the number of recipients for this program is not having adequate funds with the Foundation. Although these programs are commenced with the limited funds available with the Foundation, support from the donors is solicited to serve more needy youth.

Enlightening a life of someone by paving a path to learn a profession and build up a career for living is something that gives an immense amount of merits. If donors come forward to contribute to this worthy cause, the Foundation can expand this for many more.