Annual Blood Donations Campaign of Dharmavijaya Foundation – 2023.

The annual blood donation Campaign commemorating the occasion of the 20they anniversary of the founder of Dharmavijaya Foundation, Aggamahapanditha Athipujya Madihe Pannasiha Maha Nayaka Thero was held under the guidance of Thripitakacharya Shastrapathi Pandita Venerable Hakmana Sumanasiri Thero, the Patron of Dharmavijaya Foundation. The event organized by Dharmavijaya Foundation received sponsorship of CIB Institute affiliated to Wijaya Group Limited and was coordinated by the Sasana Sevaka Society. This campaign was carried out very successfully on August 30, 2023 Nikini Poya day at Maharagama Siri Vajiranana Dharmayathana following the guidelines stipulated by the National Blood Transfusion Service. Dharmavijaya Foundation is very happy to be able to donate 165 pints of blood from 211 people who registered for blood donation to the National Blood Bank with the noble objective of giving life to another life.
Secretary Dharmavijaya Foundation.