The scholarship programme of the Dharmavijaya Foundation

As conceptualized by Most Venerable Aggamahapandita Madihe Mahanayake Thera, that no development of the country is effective without the refinement of the human being. Therefore let us achieve refinement of human beings whilst making material development’ DVF has demised a four pronged development plan for educational, economic, health and refinement of human beings. Under the educational programme scholarships are awarded to children with the potential for further education but without the financial backing needed. The donors supporting this cause would gain high merits.

Refinement of the human being is supported by the cultivation of the mind. To achieve this, DVF has for thirty years given high priority to this programme giving financial support and by giving books and other requirements for those with constraints, who make a request for such support.


Who qualify for this?

Students who enter universities from rural areas having excellently performed in competitive exams despite financial constraints, are faced with many a problem in pursuance of higher education. sometimes the challenges are beyond their capacity to cope with. Such instances had been reported in recent times, and though we may sympathies but no further action would be taken which indeed is tragic.

Progress review

During the period of support, Dharmavijaya Foundation monitors the recipients progress at examinations, as well as their discipline. Payment given to them depend on their progress.

How are they selected?

As a government approved charity DVF provides a bridge between sensitive & generous donors and those deserving students in need.

The recipients of scholarships are required to have the recommendation of the relevant university as well as that of the chief incumbent bhikkhu in their village temple, when they come for an interview with the DVF. Special attention is paid to the family income, the number of dependants, the performance in the education received at the village school Dhamma school education and extra curriculum performances, thereby the most deserving are selected. In addition during the total period they are supported, their performance in the respective seats of education is continuously monitored.

You could be a donor

Depending on the economic standing of the recipient and the at the discretion of the donor. Scholarships provide a monthly payment ranging from Rs.1500/-   –  3000/-, during the total period of education. This amount of aid given to a university student is actually less than what is spent abroad for one meal. Compare this with what one may be spending on an unhealthy addictive habit for tobacco or alcohol. If that money is channeled for a worthy cause, how many appeals foer assistance could be met.

How assistance is possible?

If you show wish to gain merits beneficial in this life as well as in a later life. You could do as follows.

  • You could make the contribution as a trust fund in your name or any of your loved ones, which could be enhanced annually.
  • Contribute for a single scholarship which could be handled by the Dharamavijaya Foundation until the specified period.
  • Or a contribution could be made toward the existing scholarship fund of the Dharmavijaya Foundation.

Close your eyes

Contemplate on

the fact that you

brightened the life of another

which in turn

would brighten your life now

or in a later life.