The Inauguration Ceremony of Katukele Organic Cultivation Group Farm, Kaluthara.

The opening ceremony to start the cultivation activities of the proposed Group Organic Farm with the combined efforts of Kalutara, Pelawatta Sri Siddhartha Dharma Vijaya Samaja and Ekamuthu Welfare Society was held on 2022-09-16 at the Katukele school grounds under the patronage of the Honorary President of the above Dharmavijaya Samaja Reverend Pitigala Sumana Thero.
Government officials, Trustees of Dharmavijaya Foundation and representatives of local farmers’ organizations participated in the opening ceremony.
The land used for this group farm is a land where a school was located that was closed many years ago. The land is to be cleared and made suitable for cultivation by human labor only. So that it will not harm the ruins of the school as well as the valuable plants.
Mr. H.I.G. Gamini Jayatissa, who visited India and received training in Organic Farming with the support of Dharmavijaya Foundation, is the leader of this group farm. It is expected to grow some crops suitable for today using only organic fertilizers.