A gift of exercise books for Dhamma school children for World Children’s Day.

Pursuant to a request made by Reverend Hathialwela Chandrananda Thero, President of Madurawela Ampitigala Siri Seelawimala Dharma Vijaya Society and the Chief Monk of Madurawela Ampitigala Sri Sumangalarama Vihara, Dharmawijaya Foundation donated exercise books worth of Rs. 27,000.00 to be distributed among the students of the Dhamma school.

On October 02, 2022, on the occasion of World Children’s Day, an Adhisthana Pooja was held in front of the World Peace Dagoda at Madurawela Ampitigala Sri Sumangalarama Vihara to invoke blessings for Dhamma school children and exercise books and school equipment were distributed among them.

Here are some moments from the event