The one-day workshop held for the strengthening and uplifting the Dhamma education of Dhamma Schools belonging to Dharmavijaya societies.

The one-day workshop organized by Maharagama Siri Vajiragnana Dhamma School and Dharma Vijaya Foundation under the theme “Let’s create a generation of well-educated children through Daham school education” was held on August 8, 2022 at Maharagama Vajiranana Dharmayatana with 12 selected Dhamma schools affiliated to Dharmawijaya societies in Colombo district with about 120 participants including the Chief Monks, student leaders and teachers of the respective schools.

The purpose of organizing this program was to identify new approaches that can be taken to develop Dhamma school education by harmonizing the programs implemented in Maharagama Vajiranana Dharmayatana and the experiences of the invited Dhamma schools.

For that purpose, an observation tour has been organized to observe the education system and co-curricular activities of Siri Vajiranana Dhamma School, where a description of how the activities of the Dhamma School are carried out according to their respective aspects.

After the observation tour, a description of the approach coupled with the fifty years of experience of the Siri Vajiranana Dhamma School to create a generation of children with moral values was done with an explanation of the roles performed by the Dharma Vijaya Foundation. Then, as a group activity for Dhamma schools, there was an opportunity to discuss new approaches to improve Dhamma school education. At the end, a review session on the day’s activities was conducted and the issues raised from the workshop were studied. The activities of the workshop were evaluated and the program ended at around 4.30 pm after awarding certificates and Dhamma books.