Mahindapura Village Development Project – Serunuwara

The meeting of the members of Dharmavijaya Society was held under the patronage of its President Rev Dhammasena Thero incumbent of Mahindaramaya in Seunuwara on 1st and 2nd February at 2.00 p.m, the under mentioned members participated in it.
Mr. G.D.Cyril Gunapala (Trustee)
Mr. J.P.Kannangara (Vice President)
Dr. Yasa Siriwardena (Trustee)
Mr. Prabod C. Hapuarachchi (Assistant Manager)
With the consent of all the members the proposed Projects were lined up on priority basis.
The projects are given below
1. Extending the school building buildings in 30 meters providing space for 60 students.
2. Completing the half constructed toilets for the monks of the temple.
3. Stating an English class to improve the standard of English knowledge of the students.
4. Providing raw materials for the families without a toilet according to survey made to build a toilet.
5. Providing financial support for self employment with the intention of empowering the people and house development.
6. Offering a scholarship for the students to continue their education.

Estimation Amount
Lankarama Dhamma pasal building 366,000.00
toilet for the monks of Lankaramaya 108,000.00
For the English Teacher 60,000.00
29 Toilets 948,500.00
Self employment, Farm wells and house development 602,975.00
Total 2,085,475.00

Rs. 500.000/- of this estimated amount has been donated by Dr. P.N.Fernando.  The balance should be found out.