Mahindapura Manusath Dharmavijaya United Society Village Development Project Progress.

Mahindapura is a small isolated village in Trincomalee, facing the Somawathi Road, about 7 km from Muthur town, and also, as this village does not have basic facilities at present, it was decided to select this village for development with the aim of improving the living conditions of the poor villagers.
The school going children living in this village do not even have a bus service to go to the school which is about 3 1/2 km away. Almost every family earns their livelihood by farming and growing vegetables. But the lack of water, which is the basic need for them, has become an obstacle. They are engaged in farming only with the help of North-East monsoon and that has restricted their income.
A Dharmavijaya Society has been established and a development project has been initiated with the aim of promoting economy, health, education, and morality which are the primary concepts of the Foundation. It has a membership comprising of 71 families. Six Agro wells for the development of their cultivation, latrines for 29 families who do not have facilities, support for equipment for the self-employed, scholarship support for school children and the construction of a dharmma school building have been planned under the development project.
Among them, six toilets have been already completed and the two 20 feet wide agro wells are in the final stage of completion. Two people have been supported to develop their self-employment facilities and the dhamma school building is being constructed.
The current progress is shown in detail with separate photographs, and the financial support given by some new donors who joined the Dharmavijaya Foundation for this project was a great strength.
This project can be completed soon if we get the support of all the philanthropists to complete the rest of the work.

Progress of Rural Development Project at Manusath Dharmavijaya United Society,
Mahindapura, Serunuwara, Trincomalee (as at 26-10-2022)

1. Renovation of the bathroom at temple with toilet facilities.

The Viharadhikari Thero has informed that the bathroom with toilet facilities has been completed with the amount of Rs. 100,000 released on 10/02/2022 for the purchase of materials needed to repair the bathroom for the Maha Sangha of Sri Lankarama Temple. Shown below.

2. Expanding the Dhamma school building

An amount of Rs. 235,000.00 issued to expand the Dhamma school building of the temple by another 30 feet in order to make more room.

Work in Progress of the Dhamma school building under construction is shown below.

3. Providing financial support for making a mold for cement block bricks

A 14 x 7 x 4 inch mold has been made by Mrs. Asha Samanmalee who is engaged in the block brick industry by using the money of Rs.20,000.00 given on 13/05/2022 and contributing the balance money through her personal funds.

4. Financial assistance to make the candy vending mobile cart

Manusath Dharmavijaya United Society Member, Mrs. Nilanthi Sanjeevani is engaged on making the candy mobile cart with the amount of Rs. 40,000.00 given on 13/05/2022.

5. Cultivation project

The villagers asked for assistance to grow Hot Chili Pepper, a crop that is in high demand and can easily be cultivated separately as per the Agriculture Adviser. Accordingly, 250 Hot Chili Pepper plants were distributed among 25 villagers on 22/06/2022.

Here are the photos taken at the time of plant distribution.

6. Toilet construction project

At the beginning of the project, it was planned to provide assistance for the construction and completion of 29 toilets. As the first step, the necessary basic assistance was provided for the construction and completion of 6 toilets.

Photos of the completed toilets are shown below.

7. Award of Educational Assistance

Providing education scholarships to the children of the members of the Samagi Dharma Vijaya Society of Mahindapura, Serunuwara started from June 22. Under this program, 14 scholarships have been awarded to children in the village.

Below are some instances the scholarships were awarded.

8. Project of constructing Cultivation Wells

At the beginning of the project, it was planned to provide assistance to construct 6 agro wells. As the first step, basic assistance was given to construct and complete 2 agro wells. The construction and completion of the two agro wells are underway and are in the final stages an shown Below.