Sponsoring the infrastructure development of Silawathura Thambapanni Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya, Mannar.

Thambapanni Sinhala Vidyalaya, located in Silavathura area of Mannar district, is run by a faculty consisting of the principal and a volunteer teacher and two female teachers.

Several members of the Board of Trustees of Dharma Vijaya Foundation were able to identify the following requirements during their visit to College on September 20, 2022. The measures taken so far to meet those requirements are shown below.

1. Providing an allowance for the three volunteer teachers who are teaching in the school. It was decided to offer a total of Rs. 15,000/= that would be paid Rs.5,000/= each per teacher in August 2022. This alownace will be Increased in September for Rs. 10,000/- each per teacher totaling the allocation to Rs. 30,000/= . This will be further increased from the month of October onwards to pay Rs. 20,000/= each per teacher for a total cost of Rs. 60,000/= per month. In addition, an allownace of Rs.10,000/= will be offered to the Principal from the month of October in appreciation of the volunteer service.

2. Providing a set of commode equipment and a toilet bowl worth Rs.34,000.00 for toilets.

3. Provision of Rs. 20,000.00 for obtaining cement required for cementing the ground of the school building constructed in addition to the main building.

4. Providing an amount of Rs. 96,000.00 by the ‘Peace and Love Foundation’ to provide nutritious meals for a period of 3 months for 3 days a week in order to increase the nutritional level of the students studying in the school based on the request made by the Dharma Vijaya Foundation from them.

5. Commencement of preliminary work to construct a teacher’s home for the Principal within the school premises.