Dry Rations distribution program in the event of a natural disaster.

Many areas of the country face a severe drought for a certain period of time during each year and all agricultural activities get disrupted and people face hardships without having water even for drinking. At a time like this, the first victims are the families of poor farmers and low income groups. By nature, those people are making a living by what they earn on daily basis. However, they have no strength to face something like a long standing drought. Their food is taken from what they grow and when there is no water, that supply is disrupted.

A similar calamity can take place during the periods of monsoons due to floods as a result of heavy rain and cyclones. Therefore these catastrophes are common for both wet and dry zones of the country. These types of disasters end up limiting thousands of families in temporary camps for weeks. At time like that, school children lose everything including their books.

Another problem faced during heavy rains is the occurrence of unexpected landslides destroying large geographical areas including houses. Due to various reasons, the number of landslides taking place within the country is on the increase. These natural disasters destroy all their resources including houses, agriculture, furniture as well as animals.

Many brother organizations and various religious groups come forward to help these affected people and that is an established value in the Sri Lankan society.

Dharma Vijaya Foundation is always at the forefront of these activities. With the support of the temples in the affected areas, distribution of dry rations, cloths, stationery, drinking water bottles etc. are conducted by the Foundation. A bag of dry rations to manage one week is costing more than Rs.3000 at present. A special attention is given for the affected members of the Dharma Vijaya Society.

Natural disasters are erupted without any prior notice and therefore, it is not possible to keep these items collected. Therefore, whenever there is a natural disaster, you can contribute to this cause through Dharma vijaya Foundation by kind or financially. Please be kind enough to reach us through telephone on 0112698870 or through email to dharmavijaya.lk@gmail.com.