Conducting a series of Dharma Sermons focusing on Matale district.

A series of dharma sermons was held in the Matale District with the aim of saving the society from the menace of drugs. This was held at the preliminary stage involving five Dharmavijaya societies. This sermon series was held with the participation of Mr. Karu Hinatigala, Deputy Treasurer of Dharmavijaya Foundation involving the following Dharmavijaya societies.

 Sri Vijayasekharama Dharmavijaya Society, Sri Vijayasekharamaya, Kongahamula, Palapathwala.
 Sri Sasanodaya Dharmavijaya Society, Bowatta Purana Viharaya, Sasanodaya Dhamma School, Ukuwela.
 Paramita Dharmavijaya Society, Sri Sudarshanamaya, Kandewatta, Millawana.
 Dethispathala Bodhiraja Temple Dharmavijaya Society, Dethispathala Bodhiraja Temple, Ariyagama, Pallewela.
 Sri Vijitharama Dharmavijaya, Society, Sri Vijitharamaya, Dikkuburra, Mahawela.

Some photos taken during the sermons are included below.