Providing assistance to the victims of the flood in Matara, Athuraliya area.

Due to the torrential rain that fell on the island since the beginning of June 2024, there was a flood situation in various parts and Matara district in the southern province was severely affected by this disaster. Athuraliya village, the area of ​​Reverend Athuraliye Ananda Nayaka Thero, the head of the Dakshinarama Temple in Mount-Lavinia has been severely affected by the floods. Considering providing relief for the victims of the flood in that area, a donation of Rs.100,000/- was given by the Dharmavijaya Foundation to the Mt. Dakshinarama Dharmavjaya Society Center. Along with the other donations received from the philanthropic community attached to the temple, Dry ration parcels were offered to the people of Athuraliya area on the 10th June, 2024 under the leadership of Venerable Athuraliya Ananda Nayaka Thero. Below are the some of the photos taken during this donation.