Installation of tanks with drinking water for prevention of kidney diseases.

The other activity performed by the Dharma Vijaya Foundation to prevent people from kidney diseases is providing a 20,000 liter water tank for two houses and refilling them with clean water once in every two weeks using water bowsers.

In Sandamaleliya area where there was a large number of reported kidney cases, the Pushparama Dharma Vijaya Society at the Pushparama temple, took the lead to supply clean water by providing 86 water tanks that can hold 20,000 liters each for 172 houses. The tanks were established and utensils to collect water were provided by the Society while arranging the Water supply and Drainage Board to fill the tanks once in two weeks. The total cost for this project was Rs.2 Million. The full expenses were borne by a donor who was extremely happy with the social services conducted by the Dharma Vijaya Foundation.

If more contributions are received from the merit loving donors, the same campaign can be extended for many other areas. This is a true national service and the need of the hour. The cost to establish one tank is around Rs.22,000. This is a great helping hand to those unfortunate people towards fulfilling their basic human needs.