On the guidance given by Most Ven.Aggamahapandita Madihe Pannasiha Maha Nayaka Thera. Dharmavijaya Foundation was established in 1977 and was incorporated by the Parliamentary Act No.62 of 1979. It is registered as an approved charity in the Social Service Department. All contributions made to the Dharmavijaya Foundation are exempted from income tax.

Dharmavijaya epitomizes victory gained with wholesale means. Our motto is “Samavato eva sadhu” which means concord indeed is commendable. We at working for the well-being of all beings and the environment as well with forbearance, good will and benevolence, in the practice of the five precepts.

The purpose of a Trust

A ‘Trust’ could be opened to serve and lawful purpose, and could comprise, cash, property, jewellary etc with monitory value. A trust so established is implemented under the terms and conditions of the Trust Ordinance. A trust is established by signing an agreement with as authority or institution with their consent to implement the trust on his behalf, utilizing it or any earnings made with it for the benefit of a chosen lawful cause. The authority or institution enters on such as agreement to implement the Trust according to the terms and conditions agreed, during the donors’ life time as well as after his or her demise.

The would be parties to a ‘Trust’

They are the settler, the trustee and the beneficiary. In terms of section 7 (a) of the Trust Ordinance, a person who could lawfully enter into such agreement, and not legally disqualified or barred by age or a mental condition could open a trust for a lawful cause. Section 10 (10 of the Ordinance specified that person or an institution who could be in charge of a property could be a trustee.

The trust valid in Sri Lanka are declared trusts. Acclaimed trusts and merit trusts. Those meat for the benefit generally individually or for a section of the society could be established as Merit trusts.

What conditions apply?

Depending on the purpose of a trust the terms and conditions are layed our, which are required to be lawful under the provisions of the Trust Ordinance. The total or a part of a property or the  earnings of an investment there or the sum total of all these could be given for the benefit of another individual or a charity organization.  The intended purpose could very from a scholarship scheme, to facilitate health care, to provide medical assistance, including operations to support a chosen place of worship, or any other location as well as to facilitate a particular cause in a chosen locality. The conditions applicable in the implementation would also vary according to the objective and aims for which the trust is opened.

What is the role of the Dharmavijaya Foundation?

As an approved charity the Dharmavijaya Foundation would function as the trustee bearing the responsibility lawfully entrusted and would channel the support in the beneficiary in terms of the conditions agreed upon. DVF works  in keeping with its constitution, carried out by a 30 member board of trustees and decisions are taken with the majority approval. The board of trustees gather at the DVF headquarters every Thursday at 5.00 p.m. After the passing away of the initial patron Most Ven. Aggamahapandita Madihe pannasiha thera the board now has the patronage of Ven.Rajakeeyapandita Tripitakacarya Sastrapati Hakmana Sumanasiri, a senior disciple of the Maha Nayaka thera. Officers to function in different capacities on honorary basis are selected on majority vote at the annual general meeting of the DVF. The trustees of the board both male and female having held responsible positions such as administrations, managers, accountants, engineers, legal, banking officers the state sector and the private sector as well as in the capacity of ambassadors bear the responsibility of taking decisions.

At present the DVF is in charge of 73 Trusts and all the accounts are audited and the report published by a reputed company of chartered accountants. As revealed therein by 31.03.2018 the total value of the trust funds had been Rs.17.8  million. The settlers of trusts are annually informed of the activities dealt with and the cost involved. In brief such activities could be grouped as follows.

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Economic upliftment
  • Human refinement

The actual activities are as follows

  • Scholarships for the ordained and the laity
  • Providing the four requirements for the ordained.
  • Medical treatment for sick bhikkhus.
  • Providing medicine
  • Upliftment of Dhamma schools.
  • Spread of Buddhism
  • Various steps taken for human refinement.
  • Developing places of worship
  • Scholarships for Dhamma school students.
  • Providing spectacles.
  • Providing cataract lenses.
  • Disaster relief.
  • Housing for the destitute.
  • Village development programme for poverty alleviation
  • Supplying pure drinking water.
  • preventing the spread of non-communicable diseases.
  • Reducing the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.
  • Promoting compassion for animals.

These activities are carried out through the Dharmavijaya societies established in 466 temples.

If you intend opening a ‘Trust’.

You could write to the following address or call us 0112698870/0113119939 by telephone, if you intend joining hands with us to gain merits , through the above activities. Yours wealth could be spent on a specified cause, either during your life time or after your demise, for the benefit of your present or a later life. For more details visit our web site. Any details furnished by the settler if he so wish shall be treated as confidential.

  1. Under the village development programme Tabbowa an English language class is conducted for 45 students, free of charges.
  2. At Aranayake in the Ussapitiya Vidyalaya, students who had been successful in the grade 5 scholarship exam but faced with economic a constraints e given scholarships for further education.
  3. According to international indicators Sri Lanka takes 4th place in suicides. DVF has launched a special program titled “Dharmavijaya Senasili Suwaya” which means solace to meat this situation. A training for counselors is provided who would in turn make the public aware on the existing condition with regard to suicides. The awareness would more than capable of identifying those who are prone to suicide and to help them to get out of the track.
  4. A main concern of the DVF is to empower dharmavijaya societies of village level through which the village development could be carried out. A total of 466 dharmavijaya societies have been established island wide. This show the empowering of Sri Seelawimala dharmavijaya society in Kalutara and the launching of the housing development programme.
  5. Dharmavijaya Foundation has an ongoing programe to economically empower the village communities. This involves identifying their potential a skills, giving training for self employment guidance to do a proper job as will be organizing loan and marketing facilities. This shows how such a program was conducted recently at the district centre in Millawa, Kurunegala.
  6. The programmes titled ‘Senasili Suwaya’ which means solace and Nutrition improvement are carried out island wide through the dharmavijaya societies.
  7. Distributing flood relief

This shows the distribution of flood relief done by the dharmavijaya society at Thihagoda in Kithalagama, unfer the ‘Disaster flash action’ programme of the Dharmavijaya Foundation .

  1. Empowering the Dharmavijaya societies
  2. Those affected in the ballast in the Army camp in Kosgama were given relief by the Dharmavijaya Foundation at the Sri Vardhanaramaya in Boralugoda.
  3. An agro well constructed in Sandamaleliya at a cost of Rs.294,500 for the benefit of 20 families who now carry out cultivation throughout the year, was handed over to the farmers. This facilities their economic development.
  4. A water purification plant was constructed at the Sri Raja Pushparamaya in Makichchawa in Horoupathana. Dharmavijaya Foundation has launched on on constructing water purification plants, with a view to saving the communities affected with kidney diseases, a crisis at present. This social service is being carried out in several places so affected.