Program to Prevent Suicide

Are we concerned enough about suicides?

Every half a second a suicide is committed somewhere in this world and that makes eight hundred thousand annually, lost is the world. This was revealed in a report issued by the World Health Organization, which further says that out of 172 countries Sri Lanka is placed fourth in the number of suicides.

It has been reported that 28.8 per hundred thousand end life in a suicide.

The actual number voluntarily seeking to end life is perhaps even higher. Those admitted to a hospital after such as attempt may come out with short terms or lifelong disabilities. We often come across in society. Those repenting the attempt made, being the often effects with endless suffering.

When one commits suicide the family members ………. are traumatized. Young human beings in a highly productive period mentally, economically and socially between 15-23 years of age, are more prude to commit suicide, as shown in a report titled first global report on suicide.

Why commit suicide?

Monitoring of reports made by media both print and electronic for three months has several be following facts.

  • Suicides and more in rural areas that in towns.
  • The immediate causes range from break down of interpersonal relationships, inability to bear the pressures caused by economic short comings, tensions caused by daily problems, mental confusion and family conflicts.
  • When the opportunity is lost to discuss and thereby reduce the mental tension and when no solution could be found alone by …………… the way out is sought in committing suicide.

We do not have as yet a family set up to see suicide problems in a different light in trying to find possible solutions.

All of us have to bear the social responsibility of providing the opportunity, to discuss with a trust worthy person, causing no damaging to one’s self respect, in the event of swinging between a life and death matter as seen by the person so affected.

It is high time to take remedial measures in this connection to all humanity irrespective of differences between town and rural folk, make and female as well as differences of race and creed.

Could we prevent suicides?

As an initial step that need be taken, let us become more aware and sensitive to the value of human life of those around us.

Observe the pattern of their mental ………….. individual life styles, without affecting their self respect. Identify any thing unnatural or complicated. This indeed is the responsibility you are expected to bear.

It someone now you complains of a chest pain you would rush him or her to a doctor. But if and when a person says’ “I am feel up  with life due to the problems I have.” you would take it as a general remark, and take so further notice.

But that could be the initial indication of ending a life. If that was given due attention a life could have been saved. There is no point of repenting later, for that neither helps the deed person or the society in general. You have been too late.

The “Senasili Suwaya” programme to bring solace to the suffering

The Dharmavijaya Foundation has launched the programme so titled, spreading it island-wide.

A large number of persons have had the counseling given under this progarmme getting  a new lease of  life. (their identity is treated as highly confidential) DVF having prevented a suicide, attempts to find possible solutions, did follow up with monitoring for a long time. You too could join this worthy cause.

If anyone shows signs of mental depression, you could direct him/her without further delay to get the benefit of the counseling. Thus you would gain merit by saving the loss of a life, which may have effects for you in later lives too, other than in the present.

If you  wish to be a participant of this programme you could write to the following address or call the following telephone numbers.

Dr.(Mrs) Yasa Siriwardhana

DVF, (Senasili Suwaya)

380/7, Sarana Road

Colombo 07

Tel.: 0772519199 or 0112502151