A village developed program


The village development programme carried out in Penasihagama in Tabbowa could be sited as a model. Situated by the 7th milepost on Puttalama Anuradhapura road, the Dharmavijaya society is established in Mahindaramaya of Penasihagama in Tabbowa and functions under the Patronage of the incumbent bhikkhu Ven.Walpola Mahinda, who gets 63 of the village families to participate in the progress of economic strengthening and the retirement as a Buddhist community. The field survey conducted in this village shows the following achievement.

• Fifty houses being developed in general.
• Temporary roofs are replaced with permanent roofs.
• Security provided with doors and windows for 13 houses with young children as well as young girls.
• Replacing walls made with temporary material with permanent walls in 17 houses.
• Replacing earthern floor with a cemented floor in 17 houses.
• Screening treating those with eye ailments
• Identifying students who would benefit with vocational training and providing the opportunity.
• Providing 35 Dhamma school kits for students.
• Setting up Dhamma schools providing the teachers and books needed.
• Providing English languages classes for 35 students free of charges.
• Improving 16 toilets.
• Making water available constructing a tube well at a cost of Rs.3 lakhs. (300,000/-)
• 23 patients examined for treatment.
• Developing the temple with a congregation hall for Buddhist observances and residential facilities for the bhikkhus at a cost of Rs.37 lakhs. (37,000,000/-).
The total spent this for the development of this village is Rs.60 lakhs (60,000,000/-). At the out set of the development programme the villagers disclosed that their poverty is such that they were unable to give food as alms to the temple. Eighteen families were in the grip of pawn ……………….. and loans taken. With a view to providing than with a regular income through cultivation one thousand …………. and pomegranate plants were provided. Young women with sewing skills, were given sewing machines and the required cost for textiles.