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 Welcome to Dharmavijaya Foundation
The Dharmavijaya Foundation (DVF) was established in 1977 and it was incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 62 of 1979. At the beginning the DVF was housed at 50 Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 07.

The Dharmavijaya Foundation or DVF in its shorten form is an organisation with a difference. It is neither a pure Buddhist organisation nor a pure social service organisation.

It has as its objective the total development of man, both spiritually and physically, with the application of Buddhist principles to economic development and thereby establish a Dharmavijaya Samajaya or a society where dhamma or righteousness has triumphed. Total development of man is taken to be fourfold, namely, economic, education, health, and moral. The DVF strongly believes that the present crisis is due to a serious omission in the indicators of development, that being the absence of an indicator for moral development. In Buddhist literature moral and material development are likened to the two wheels of a cart. All projects and programmes of the DVF give equal importance to both aspects of development.

The DVF functions without barriers and in accordance with its motto 'Samavayo eva Sadhu' meaning 'Concord indeed is Commendable', works for peace and concord to derive greatest happiness.

Establishment of a society where dhamma or righteousness has triumphed.

 Mission Statement
Promote the total development of man, both spiritually and physically, with the appplication of Buddhist principles to economic development and thereby establish a Righteous Society

The motto of the Dharmavijaya Foundation is 'Samavayo eva Sadhu' meaning 'Concord indeed is Commendable'.

 Legal status
The DVF is incorporated by Dharmavijaya Foundation Act, No.62 of 1979. It is registered with the Department of Social Services of the Government of Sri Lanka as a Voluntary Social Service organisation.

 Approved Charity Status
The Government of Sri Lanka has recognized the Dharmavijaya Foundation as an Approved Charity for Income Tax purposes. (Gazette Notification No. 80 of 14.03.1980)

The DVF maintains transparency in respect of all transactions and accepts complete responsibility for the funds and monies entrusted to them. All accounts are audited by B. R. De Silva and Co, Chartered Accountants

 How we work
All decisions are taken by a Board of Trustees consisting of 30 members - all professionals in different disciplines. There are administrators, chartered engineers, medical doctors, educationists, company directors, chartered accountants and lawyers in the Board dedicated to the cause. All their services are entirely voluntary. The DVF Board meets every Thursday of a week at 5.30 p.m. and all decisions are by consensus. (The DVF Board) There is a core staff of six under a Manager.

 How we reach the community
The DVF reaches the community through its network of Dharmavijaysa Societies numbering at present 455, covering 19 districts. The President is the Viharadhipati or the Chief Abbot or his nominee. This is to ensure that the village temple takes the lead in the development process within its catchment area. The glory of the past was because of the nexus between the temple and the village based on which Sri Lanka became the Dharmadvipa or the Isle of Righteousness on the one hand and the Dhanyaghara, or the Granary of the East on the other. Anyone wanting assistance within the catchment area is assisted without any ethnic, religious, or gender discrimination

 Guiding principles of a Dharmavijaya Society (DVS)